Steward. Sustain. Succeed.

Oregon Land Craft was conceived on a muggy summer morning, bent over prickly leaves, picking several hundred pounds of zucchini and squash on my brother-in-law's farm. 


Something about heat, sweat, and dirt adds context and gives clarity. At least for me.


About a year earlier I realized my career as a cargo and charter pilot was not where I wanted to be. I felt I was neglecting skill sets and desires that would allow me to steward, sustain, and succeed more effectively. 

My decision allowed for wonderful changes. I married my wife Colleen, I become a dad to her four kids, and I joined her on her 30 acre farm to begin a new life together working to earn a living from our land.


Today, we are crafting our land by a building a commercial hazelnut orchard (Steward), preparing the land for growing fruit, vegetables, and livestock (Sustain), and creating a lifestyle rich in rewarding work, learning, discovery and out-door play (Succeed).

Oregon Land Craft seeks to assist others to Steward, Sustain, and Succeed with their own lives, land and dreams with a smart, confident, buying experience.

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Oregon Land Craft | Roseburg, Oregon

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